Welcome To The Jungle


Hace un tiempo, cuando el clima aun nos queria un poco mas, fui con Pipe a hacer un Picnic al Olivar.
Nunca habiamos hecho uno! Y no sabiamos que llevar jaja, segun nosotros era: Mantel (lleve pareo), snacks chicos algo de tomar y la canasta. Al final gastamos mas que saliendo a comer a un restaurante pero eso puede ir mejorando con la practica! ;)

A while ago, while the sun was still shining in my side of the world, me and my boyfriend Pipe decided to do our first picnic together in a well known park in Peru called El Olivar.
And of course it was our first time! To begin with, we were supossed to bring a blanket, we ended up putting my beach kind of towel jaja, then we went to the market to get some snacks and some stuff to drink to put in the basket.  
In the end we ended up spending the same amount as if we were eating at a restaurant jaja i guess we will improve with practice

Me senti en una jungla, en ese parque tan grande y lindo, me acuerdo que cuando era chica siempre iba a darle de comer a los patos! Bueno esta experiencia se va a repetir en invierno asi tenga que usar un poncho!! En vez de jugo de naranja tomaremos chocolate caliente :)

I felt like i was in the jungle, that park was soooo big and cute.  I remember going there a lot as a child to feed the ducks.
This experience will be repeated again, i don't care if it's cold and i HAVE to wear a poncho and have hot chocolate instead of orange juice :D

Blusa: Vintage
Shorts: Forever 21
Sandalias: El showroom de las Muñecas
Cartera: Vintage

Buen lunes e inicio de semana!!!


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