Versace - The People

10:35 p.m.

Despues del desfile, nos pusimos a relajar entre amigos con sus vasitos de champaña, un whisky, unos bocaditos (donde estas esparrago con prosciutto??!!)
y el ambiente se torno mas divertido, los dejo con las fotos!
After the show we were with some friends drinking champagne, whisky and some snacks.  The whole atmosphere was much more relaxed now, here are the photos!

Habia harta gente fashion (obvio!!) pero la verdad que estabamos tan divertidas conversando todos/as que no me dio tiempo de tomarles fotos :( pa la proxima sera
Y yo, que se me ocurrio experimentar con labios rojos...antes me sentia toda una bemboncita, pero la verdad es que ahora me gusto un poco mas como quedo, ustedes que opinan?! Y la blusa tiene una historia XXXXL y atras habia hecho magia para entallarla en 5 minutos, pero es que me moria de ganas de usarla! no se nota tan grande no?!

There were lots of fashionistas in da house (of course!) But we were all having such a good time that i couldn't take any photos :( next time then
And me, well i experimented with the famous red lipstick...and i kinda like it, i used to feel that it made my mouth bigger but i like how it looks now, what do you think?! oh and the blouse has a funny story, it was a XXXL size and i pinned it up to make it fit, but on the back you could see all the work so it had to be hidden on the blazer jaja, does it show?

Blusa/blouse: Thrifted
Lipstick: Wet n Wild
Blazer: MNG
Clutch: Crepier
Falda/skirt: Camote Soup
Pantis/thights: Tall
Tacos/pumps: Qupid

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