Blue & Yellow Series- It Starts Just Where The Light Exists

7:23 p.m.

Hola!! esta segunda parte es un poco mas dramatica, pero bueno que puedo decir nos provoco ponerlo mas tragico, me dicen que opinan!

This 2nd series has more drama in the photos, not sure why i guess i was just digging that kind of pose jaja, let me know your thoughts!

La ultima foto es casi del final del dia, estaba un poco cansada de tanto jugar en esos tacos inmensos, pero creo que valio la pena.
Hasta trate de pararme de puntitas (que no funciono mucho) pero que se hace :D vale el intento.  Falta solo una serie mas y se acaba la seccion!!!
The last photo was from the last part of the day, i was a bit tired from all the playing and jumping around those massive heels but i think it was worth it.
I even tried to jump and be on my toes but that did't work much jaja, at lest i tried. One more series and the shoot is over! i'm kinda sad, i have been waiting a lot to show you this!
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