Clases de Automaquillaje!!!

10:03 a.m.

La semana pasada Anneliesse del blog Make up a Domicilio Aneliesse nos invito a hacer una clase de automaquillaje para aprender a usar nuestros implementos de "belleza"
Yo soy medio taba a la hora de maquillarme, solo me pongo delineador, brillo en la boca y yasta! Pero noooo ella nos dio mil tips y nos enseño los basicos maquillaje de dia y de noche (siguiente post: tutorial)

Nos enseño maquillaje de dia y maquillaje de noche. Conoci a 4 chicas que compartieron la clase conmigo: Claudia, Katiuska y Andrea(s) Lindas!!! Y todos la pasamos increible, Anne es buenisima y nos tuvo haaarrrrrta paciencia

Si estan interesadas en llevar una clase de automaquillaje solo tienen que escribirle a o entrar a su pagina web
No se van a arrepentir!!!

Last week i went to an auto make up class thanks to Anneliese from Make up a Domicilio
You we able to bring your own stuff or use hers and she will teach us all how to use each product, for what occasion and all the how to's in the meantime
I'm not really good at make up so i was thrilled by this class i learned sooo much! So many tips that i will share with you next post!

Met 4 lovely girls: Claudia, Andrea (2) and Katiuska! We all had such a great time, Anne is such a good mentor and had sooo much patience on us

If you are interested in learning tips for make up you can visit her website at 
You won't regret it!!!!


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